Maggie Geha

  • Actress (“Gotham” & “Mr. Iglesias”)

“I have been a lifelong couch potato, easily intimidated by sports or exercise of any kind, and training with Prashant has been the only form of exercise that I have consistently enjoyed long term. Prashant is the real deal. He's incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and makes training fun and interesting.  He's easy going and tailors training to your own personal needs and goals. I always get a great full body and mental workout. After sessions I feel happier, more energized, mentally clearer, and stronger. I cannot recommend kick boxing with Prashant enough.”

Marius Enache

  • Professional MMA fighter & coach

“As a former professional MMA fighter I highly  recommend Control Kickboxing. During my MMA career I worked with Prashant Paul to prepare for my fights. He has great knowledge of Martial Arts and the right personality to teach anyone from a begginer Martial Artist to a MMA professional fighter. Give him a try and you will not be disappointed!”

Jenna Langhans

  • Fitness instructor & dancer

“I honestly can’t say enough about Prashant (founder of Control Kickboxing). He not only delivers an amazing class/private session, but he has created a true community of boxers (all from different experience/fitness/and skill levels.) If you want to learn proper technique in a super fun and friendly environment, Control Kickboxing is a must. As a fellow fitness professional, I recommend Prashant to all my clients who are looking for a safe, fun, form-focused, and super effective boxing/self-defense workout. The amount of knowledge he has for the sport is incredible, and so much of it stems from pure passion and love for what he does. He is super approachable and doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure you get the best experience.”