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What we Do

We're here for those who need more than going through the motions.

Take the quicker route to better technical understanding of boxing/kickboxing.



What we offer


Small Group Training

Attention leads to improvement. That's why it's a precious commodity. Our small group training is capped at 6 students and involves pre and post training processes to improve your individual skill.

private training

Here's your chance to really break down all the technique involving movement, footwork, defense, and mitt work. Your session will be tailored to your needs and help speed up your abilities while giving you an intense workout.




Without a doubt in my mind, I can say that Prashant has been one of the most positive influences in my three years of martial arts experience. If you are looking for a great martial arts instructor, look no further, because you’ve found him.
— Michael Wortell | Nurse | PHL

Prashant has helped me become a stronger, technical, and more self-aware person through his boxing and mma style of teaching. It’s always a pleasure to work with him knowing that I will continue to learn new skills on a daily basis.
— Sara Orofino | Design Director | NYC

The one on one sessions with Prashant are great. Points out the things I do that could use improvement. He pushes the conditioning when I sound like I can’t go anymore. I feel more confident with each session.
— Alison Horn | Massage Therapist | PHL